Eventuoso Solo: Personal Event Management Solution for Commercial and Private use

Plan Your Corporate Events

No matter what your corporate event is used to be, you can plan everything. Conferences, which are popular and important business events. Meetings - very common business events in large companies used to discuss company strategies. Team building events, which is a key to develop and motivate teams in company. Seminars - educational events for training your employees. Product Launches, used for market introduction of new products and services. VIP and Incentive Events, which helps to enhance customer loyalty. Theme Parties and many many more events.

Or Your Private Events

There is a lot of opportunities for private use. You can use Eventuoso Solo to plan your Wedding, most important days in the life of grooms and brides. Easily manage your Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other Family Events. You can even plan some touristic events with your friends while you are travelling.

Use Flexible Access Controls

You can create public and private campaigns. Public campaigns will be reflected on the index page, while private stays invisible. Besides this, to access private campaign page, user have to enter special access password. So you can easily target your campaign to selected group of people. Also we implemented very handy function of public access to the list of participants so your friends can see who is going to come to your party. Public access can be turned on and off from admin panel. We also added deadline settings, which allow you to set date and time when system locks user access to new and existing enrollments (user cannot delete own booking, or create new one for given event).

Make Comprehensive Reports

We implemented a lot of tools which will be handy to track and manage your events. One of these tools is reporting mechanism. Whatever you want to do: manage guests online at event place, or print guest list to manage them offline, manage or print billing list grouped by enroller or event, either its detailed or not, - all this stuff can be easily done with Eventuoso Solo. Also we give you quick stats and graphs to help you analyze your productivity and make decisions.

Enjoy Administrative Functions

Manage campaigns, events and users from secure admin panel. Get reports, print it and make changes to the bookings on-the-fly. With internal markup editor you can easily modify web-templates, mail-templates and css files.

Integrate Easily to Your Websites

Template/CSS driven system gives you great possibilities in editing and changing interface layout of Eventuoso Solo. Its very easy to adopt software so it looks and feels like your existing website. For more deeper integration (like XML feeds) or if you need to integrate some other 3rd-party service to Eventuoso Solo, you can always contact us and our professional team will help you in no time.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Modern Technologies

We used all modern technologies when developed our software. jQuery functionality with a lot of used plugins brings usability to new highest limits. HTML5 canvas we used to render graphs allowed us to move image rendering tasks from server (decreasing server load) to client's browser. Using CSS3 you can easily customize look & feed of pages and templates. MySQL 5 with stored procedures gave us ability to move some business logic directly to MySQL server, which brought new level of security and speed. MySQL innoDB tables is much more reliable and fast compared to myISAM, we used them so you can forget about hours you spent before fixing myISAM tables structures!

Get Free Professional Installation and Support

Initially we provide you with installation utility, which is easy to use to install Eventuoso Solo. But if you dont have time to do it yourself, or meet any problems during installation, please contact us to get free installation service. Our techs will do this job for you. We also gets all new updates and upgrades during 1 year absolutely free of charge. You also get outstanding tech support completely free.

Current version: 1.0.0
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Eventuoso Solo Documentation (PDF)

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Eventuoso Solo Check Requirements Tool
  • OS: Unix / Linux
  • Perl v5.8+
  • DBI and DBD::mysql v4.001+
  • LWP::UserAgent
  • MySQL v5.0.29+